This moment's tip!

Listen . . .

Exertion has a partner; it call recuperation.

Sing the phrasing while performing the movement.

Be on time. Better yet, be early.

Do something nice for someone else / perhaps a stranger--Pay It Forward. This can occur in your "dance world" as well as in your other universe.

Get enough sleep.

Listen, pay attention. Trust.

Listen, pay attention, and trust others.

Listen, pay attention, and trust yourself. 

Figuring out where to be in this string of development can be difficult. 

Drink water.

Frequently, it's the small things that count.

Be honest, be genuine.

Stop. Don't move (except to breathe and blink your eyes). Hold your shape for a few moments. Then begin letting go of excess tension throughout your body while maintaining the basic shape you created. Notice how it feels. Find words to describe what you experience.

Look from a different perspective. It's amazing what you might see/understand.