April 2019

Kista Tucker Insights in Performance

April 13-14, 2019
Dance Place, 3225 8th St, NE, Washington, DC 20017
 Saturday, April 13 at 8:00 PM • Sunday, April 14, at 2:00 PM 

Welcome to our corner of the world, a place where we manipulate square, round, and fluid shaped pegs in a vast and crazy sphere. No, really, it’s a place where we observe, reflect, and expose—a place where we work hard and create movement books of many topics. And now, here we are about to present our long-awaited epic work, The Factory Project.

A moment from  The Shades Trilogy , The work that inspired  The Factory Project .

A moment from The Shades Trilogy, The work that inspired The Factory Project.


Much of Kista’s time this past year was spent tending to activities such as visiting the Netherlands Dans Theater in The Hague, adjudicating for The American College Dance Association (ACDA), creating new works, teaching, touring, and pulling things together for this upcoming performances of The Factory Project and Pitted Post, WY.


This is an uncertain time for all the arts, especially dance. Recognized sources for funding are drying up or being eliminated, therefore, we need your help more than ever. Come see our work—your presence not only gives you first-hand knowledge of a performance that you helped make possible, but it also helps to validate the time, effort, and belief each company member commits to our projects.

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We need your help to produce The Factory Project. Our funding target is a large one as we are producing two performances of an evening length concert involving marvelous movement artists, a brilliant composer, and  lighting designer, Ben Levine. We have to rent a theater, construct costumes, and produce videos to be used on stage and for promotion. Your contribution will benefit the company by providing funds for this important project. It will stimulate your curiosity and invigorate your senses. Your thought process is sure to be stroked.  Learn more and donate.


We love what we do and keep going, even in a world that tends to deny, to ignore, possibly even reject the value of the arts. We are developing more and more work, not only for ourselves, but to provide catalysts for understanding and inspiration—and most importantly, to provoke thought. We hope you will attend this performance, a rehearsal, a workshop, or another event we sponsor. You will see for yourself why we are recognized for informing and contributing to society. Kista Tucker
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from “pitted post, WY”

from “pitted post, WY”

Driving to the factory . . .

Driving to the factory . . .


This concert features two distinctly different communities: The long-awaited epic work, The Factory Project, reflects the story of a community within the confines of a factory. Life, death, work, suspicion, relationships, and more exist in abundance inside an elderly worn-out building. 

Factory Project seems to have a life of its own. It is story based, yet open for abstracted ideas, images, designs, and sounds. It’s intriguing . . . so many possibilities.

We’ve addressed The Factory Project for quite some time and now, finally, we are into production status. This work was initiated by two different solos that Kista created. Then, a third solo was added and it became a 15-minute dance titled The Shades Trilogy. And now, groups of people are intertwined throughout a full-length work reflecting the story of a community within the confines of a factory.

Pitted Post, WY elicits the essence of rural Wyoming: fence posts, critters (in the air and on the ground), sloping hills, grass, sky.... The shared time and space of this community is vast, yet sparse. 

Pitted Post, WY began as a movement experience for Kista’s students. Because of their  marvelous understandings and performance of the dance, it is now included in the KTI repertory.

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Shades Trilogy Opening.jpg


We are pleased to announce that Christian Cherry, musician/composer/performer extraordinaire, is working with us on The Factory Project. Christian has worked with Kista several times in the past and is continuing a long-established working relationship with Kista and her company. He created the music/sound score for Kista’s epic work, “The Korean War Veterans Memorial Project, Forgotten No More” back in 2004; the sound score for her Ohio State University graduate thesis project, Facets; the opening and ending music for the memorable Maga back in 1995; and the original music for another one of Kista’s signature works, SnowLearn more about Christian Cherry.Christian Cherry is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and performer whose output has been mostly in dance, theatre and collaborative performance. His work has been presented in prominent venues in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Cherry's work at dance festivals includes 10 years (’88-‘98) at the American Dance Festival in Durham, N.C. and the Bates Dance Festival (‘01-‘05) in Maine. He participated in two ADF/Seoul tours to South Korea. As a dance educator, Cherry has been part of several prominent dance departments. In 1983, he joined the Ohio State University Dance Department under the generous tutelage of Richard Schenk. In 1993, he moved to Tampa, Florida to join the faculty of the University of South Florida.

In 1996, he took the music director position at the University of Illinois where he created works in a wide-ranging output emphasizing electro-acoustic scores. Cherry moved to Oregon in 2001 as music director in dance at the University of Oregon with his wife and life dance partner, Sarah Ebert

As an associate professor of dance at the University of Oregon, Cherry has taught Fundamentals of Rhythm, Music for Dance, Accompaniment for Dance, Dance Improvisation, Production Technology, Contact Improvisation, Graduate Seminars, Aesthetics and Choreographer/Composer Workshop. His research includes collaboration and process in dance, and the poetics of dance.



Here's What We've Been Up To

Performed in Lorton, VA—Pitted Post, WY

Performed in Fairfax, VA—Pitted Post, WY, with the Virginia Dance Coalition, January 2018

Performed in Falls Church, VA—Pitted Post, WY, November 2018

Performed in Brooklyn, NY—Pitted Post, WY, October 2018

The Nelkin Project (Pina Bausch) in Charlottesville, VA with Susan Barnard
Kista Adjudicates for the American College Dance Association, ACDA, at Northwestern State University, in Louisiana, April 2-9, 2018
Kista visits The Netherlands Dans Theater in The Hague, The Netherlands, April 24, 2018
Performed in Richmond – excerpts from “The Factory Project”, June 29-30, 2018
Created new work at RSB for summer workshop, performed August 10, 2018
Rehearsed for Brooklyn Performance at the Triskelion Arts Muriel Schulman Theater throughout the summer
Rehearsed for “The Factory Project” throughout the summer
Murlarkey’s Distillery Fundraiser—July 14, 2018.  They want us back. We will repeat on March 9th 2019 (save the date)

a warped image from “Pitted Post, WY”

a warped image from “Pitted Post, WY”


 There you have it.  While you can see at a glance that are engaged and have been busy, what you are not seeing is the amount of time and effort that goes into creating and performing a new work (old ones, too). If you are so inclined, contact Kista to visit a rehearsal, a showing, a workshop, or some other event in progress. We’re sure you will be inspired.
KTI is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization created to inspire, initiate thought, and plant seeds for asking questions: Why? How? Who? . . . and much much more. Join us!