KT 2017 Winter Intensive

December 28-30, 2017

Located at The Russell School of Ballet
14119 Sullyfield Circle, #O
Chantilly, VA 20151

Images on this page are from Kista Tucker's Genevieve of the Woods

Images on this page are from Kista Tucker's Genevieve of the Woods


Tentative 2017 Schedule -- Stay tuned for the most recent update.

Thur. 12/28/2017

8:30 - 9:30 Conditioning/Somatic Lab

9:45 - 11:45 Modern Technique (Includes KT Warm-Ups)

11:45 - 1:00 Lunch

1:00 - 2:30 (M, W, F) Swing/Jazz

1:00 - 2:30 Laban Movement Analysis & Somatic Bodywork

2:45 - 4:15 Ballet

2:45 - 4:15 Choreographic Conflict

4:30 - 6:00 Issues In Dance


Fri. 12/29/2017

8:30 - 9:30 Conditioning/Somatic Lab

9:45 - 11:45 Modern Technique (Includes KT Warm-Ups)

11:45 - 1:00 Lunch

1:00 - 2:30 (M, W, F) Swing/Jazz

1:00 - 2:30 Laban Movement Analysis & Somatic Bodywork

2:45 - 4:15 Ballet

2:45 - 4:15 Choreographic Conflict

4:30 - 6:00 Issues In Dance


Sat. 12/30/2017

8:30 - 9:30 Combined: Conditioning & Laban Movement Analysis

9:45 - 11:45 Modern Technique (Includes KT Warm-Ups)

11:45 - 1:00 Lunch

1:00 - 2:30 Ballet

2:45 - 4:15 Combined: Choreographic Conflict & Issues in Dance

4:15 - 5:00 Break (possible rehearsals)

5:00 - 6:00 Informal Performance for the Public


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Course Descriptions

Modern Technique (Intermediate/Advanced Level) -- Kista Tucker

An energetic yet thoughtful technique class. It incorporates a dynamically rich pallet of movement experiences designed to invigorate, inform, and inspire.  KT Warm-Ups will be a part of this experience.

Issues in Dance -- Christine Cobb, Sunday Homitz, Tiffany Nirider, Kirstin Riehl, Kista Tucker

Workshop participants will bring their own concerns to this course.  This may include physical participation and/or intellectual discussion.  The course can include concepts and details relating to choreography, but it can also include (though are not limited to) topics such as:  how to promote oneself; how to get a job; what are dance related kinds of work that actually pay a living wage; what does the term “professional” really mean; when should a dancer quit dancing; what are today’s trends; how can I get my leg higher; how do I determine my own range of motion; what kind of music is best for… ; the plight of the adjunct professor; what does it mean to collaborate; where is the best place for dance in the U.S., in Europe; why (for the most part) don’t women get the good jobs in dance; and more?

Lab -- Sunday Homitz, Kirstin Riehl, Kista Tucker

This course brings Laban Movement Analysis, Conditioning Principles, Pilates, and Somatics together to create individual conditioning programs.

Laban Movement Analysis -- Kista Tucker

Introductory theoretic principles of LMA and BF™ are offered with a practical application approach. Movement will be observed, analyzed, and if time permits, prescribed.  BF™ will be taught, practiced, and applied to movement used throughout the Intensive, within the KT Warm-Ups in particular. This course is taught by a Certified Movement Analyst.
Note: The LMA/BF™ Course will emphasize Bartenieff Fundamentals™. Bartenieff Fundamentals ™ and their component parts will be explained, explored, and applied to movement throughout the summer intensive. "Intro to Bartenieff Fundamentals™” is taught by Kista Tucker (CMA, RSMT, BS, MA, MFA).

Ballet -- Kirstin Riehl

This ballet class will be taught from a somatic approach. It will focus on the value of body/mind connectivity and how it can be applied to develop technical strength, increase anatomical awareness and enhance individual perfodrmance quality.

Choreographic Conflict -- Christine Cobb, Kirstin Riehl, Kista Tucker, Tiffany Nirider

This course is open in many ways. Questions about choreography will be addressed & works (completed & in-progress) will be observed & discussed.






Kista Tucker (MA, MFA, CMA, RSMT) has performed and presented her work via Kista Tucker Insights (AKA: Kista Tucker Dance, Inc.) and as a solo artist throughout the US, Europe, Japan, Mexico, and Canada. She has a wide range of performance experiences, from a major role in Kurt Jooss' The Green Table to Tucker's own Fractured. She produced Randolph County, an evening length David Lynch Project, and is in the throws ofa new evening length solo work for herself aiming toward a 2017 premiere. She received over $36,500.00 toward creating and touring a choreographic project based on the Korean War Veterans Memorial located in Washington, DC.

Tucker is a member of the Laban Institute of Movement Studies Conference Committee and was elected to two terms on the CORD Board of Directors. She has taught at George Washington University in Washington, DC, The Ohio State University, Sam Houston State University, The University of South Florida, and SUNY College at Brockport. Tucker has presented her work for LIMS, IADMS, ISMETA, CORD, ACDFA, NDEO, and other organizations.

She conducts workshops, acts in the capacity of Guest Artist within universities and other institutions, is currently working on publishing her first novel and is writing about her KT Warm-Ups. Tucker has received numerous awards and commissions.


Sunday Homitz (LPT, BFA Dance) Ms. Homitz, was the former therapist for the Cleveland San JoseBalletfrom 1988-1997. She founded Body Technic Systems, Inc., 1997, an international physical therapy and performances arts clinic in Cleveland, OH. Her clinic, an international site for performance arts and clinical study, has hosted stsudents fromhuman movement science fromthe University of Queensland. She is CertifiedinPIlates and conducts a Pilates Teachers Training School. Additionally, Homitz is also a Certified Practioner in Body-Mind Centering, a Certified instructor in Gyrotonics, and is Certified in Resistaball. Further training includes Upledger Craniosacral, Visceral Mnipulation, and Neuromuscular, and Zero Balancing. She has taught in the University of Akron Dance Department for more than ten years and has also taught at The Ohio State University. www.bodytechnic.com


Tiffany Nirider Bio coming soon


Ms. Kirstin Riehl is the Director of Dance at Northwestern State University. She graduated from the University of Utah with her MFA in Ballet with an emphasis in teaching and choreography. During her graduate studies at the University of Utah, Ms. Riehl was awarded a Teaching Assistant position in the Ballet Department. Ms. Riehl graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Dance from Sam Houston State University.

Ms. Riehl has extensive training in Ballet, Modern, Laban, and is a certified Pilates instructor. Ms. Riehl began her formal ballet training in the Royal Academy of Dance method and has completed all her primary through major exams. She continued her training abroad at Bush Davies School of the Arts in East Grinstead, England. Upon moving back to the U.S. she danced in New York City. Ms. Riehl furthered her dance training at North Carolina School of the Arts, and the Houston Ballet Academy. She has performed in various roles and productions that include; Alice in Wonderland, La Fille Mal Gardée,“Pas de Quatre Small Swans” in Swan Lake, Giselle, Carmen, and the Nutcracker en tour with North Carolina School of the Arts, as well as two seasons with the Houston Ballets’ Nutcracker at the Wortham Center, Houston TX. Ms. Riehl has directed and choreographed original works and has restaged many classical works.

During the summer, Ms. Riehl travels teaching as a guest artist at various summer intensives and works in the community advocating the Arts.


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Kista Tucker Insights (AKA: Kista Tucker Dance, Inc.) is a professional 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt company in residence at The Russell School of Ballet. The ballet school is located at 14119 Sullyfield Circle, Chantilly, VA 20151. There is a plethora of shops and restaurants near it.




$215 -- Entire Workshop (includes informal performance), by December 16, 2017

$260 -- Late Fee/Entire Workshop (includes informal performance), begins December 17, 2017

$95 -- Day Rate

$25 -- Drop-in Class Rate


All payments go through Kista Tucker Dance, Inc. Payments can be made by check, money order, or online credit card payments via PayPal.

Make checks or money orders payable to: Kista Tucker Dance, Inc.

Kista Tucker Dance, Inc. (AKA Kista Tucker Insights)
13594 Rumsey Ct.
Bristow, VA 20136


Kista Tucker Dance, Inc. (AKA: Kista Tucker Insights) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization.


Download Registration Form

(Click on link above for a copy of the form.)






Housing is on-your-own. For those of you coming from out of town, there are several hotels near the studio.




The closest airport is Dullas International. Public transportation in the area is not great. It might be best to rent a car or grab a ride from someone in the area. Contact Kista Tucker with your concerns.




Meals are on your own. We will arrange a means to coordinate with everyone.




The Pamela Lydon Scholarship for Further Studies in Dance

The scholarship covers full tuition for one participant to the KT'17WI. (Does not cover travel, housing, or meals) If already registered for KT'17WI, you may still apply for the scholarship. If awarded, a registration fee refund will be applied.

Application Deadline is Midnight PT, Saturday, December 9, 2017

There are three steps to apply:

1) Send Resume or Vita;  2) Write a brief essay on why you should be awarded the scholarship; and 3) Send performance or class DVD of applicant

Send both hard copy documents electronically to: KistaTucker@gmail.com . Send a link to your video if you are registering online.

- OR -

Send hard copies of the Resume/Vita and the Essay as well as a DVD of your video to:

Kista Tucker Dance, Inc.
13594 Rumsey Ct.
Bristow, VA 20136

(Must be received by 12/09/2017 )

Participants registering after December 9, 2017 are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.

The winner will be announced on the Kista Tucker Insights website and on Facebook by December 16, 2017.

Previous Recipients of the Pamela Lydon Scholarship for Further Studies in Dance:

Brittany Barnett - 2010
Jessalyn Pratka - 2011
Amy Hutchison - 2012
Hope Schultz 2013
Hayley Platt - 2014
Hayley Platt - 2015
Christina Sears Etter - 2016



The Deborah Dodds Scholarship for Excellence in Choreography

Inquire via email or phone at: kistatucker@gmail.com or (585) 330-7751



Continuing Education Credit for Teachers (CEU)

Contact KTd, Inc. at designs@kistatuckerinsights.org for information.



Informal Performance

Participants are encouraged to send a video by June 16 of works they would like to have included in the showing/sharing.  for works-in-progress, send what you've got. There is no specific time limit for the work, but it would work best if the piece was no more than 10-12 minutes in duration.  Shorter is fine. We want to include as many dances as possible without making the showing/sharing too long.  Contact Kista Tucker Insights. at designs@kistatuckerinsights.org if your work is longer than 12 min.

There is no audition fee if you are registered for the Kista Tucker 2017 Winter Intensive.

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to attend the Informal Performance at The Russell School of Ballet Saturday, December 9th at 5:00 PM.





(Feel free to send in your testimonials. We've only begun to work on this area. It would be nice to see more of your thoughts.)


My experience at the Kista Tucker Summer Dance Intensive was one of community, learning, and artistry. I had the opportunity to learn Kista's challenging and thorough warm-up as well as her repertory. She gave individual feedback and encouraged us to improve our technique and performance. In addition to Kista's great instruction, there were also classes in nutrition and wellness, swing, and Bartenieff Fundamentals. I would recommend this workshop to anyone!
-Meredith Sims, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Dance
Coker College

There were several highlights. The first was the opportunity to learn most of Kista's warm-up. Then, later in the day to have a chance to work at a deeper level of Bartenieff Fundamentals through what I would call a "body lab." (It wasn't called this; just what it seemed to me.) The next was the opportunity to debrief and discuss the day's events at the end. Finally, there was the "communal" aspect of living and sharing food and conversation at night. Northern Ohio University was a lovely campus and living in the apartments made it very affordable (as was the tuition). As a bonus, the nutritional coaching we received on the benefits of a PH diet have been life-changing to me as I am still practicing what I learned from the individual who shared his expertise. (I am sorry, but I have forgotten his name.)
-Julie Kerr-Berry, Ed.D.
Professor and Director of Dance
Minnesota State University, Mankato

I attended one of Kista’s summer intensive in Brockport and it was a fantastic experience, filled with creative energy, mutual support, exhilarating combinations, knowledgeable and approachable instructors and a kick-a## final performance.
-Frances Nardia

Kista Tucker’s summer intensive at Ohio Northern University is a wonderful retreat for dance professional artists/educators and students. The schedule is the perfect mix of Laban based movement principles, technical training, healthful living, fun swing dance, creative work, and engaging conversation relative to the world of dance performance and education. An added highlight, the university’s setting, in the beautiful countryside of Ohio, lends itself to the retreat atmosphere. I attended with some of my dance colleagues and met new friends as well. We came away rejuvenated and ready to face another year of teaching at the college level. I highly recommend this intensive experience.
-Dr. Karen Clemente, Professor of Dance

Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA

My experience(s) with the Kista Tucker Dance Intensive, both as a dancer-instructor, and dancer-participant, has been nothing short of: brilliantly, and technically, as well as expressively informative—I take the information, I derive from Kista’s vast knowledge base and expertise, in the movement field, and have applied it to everything that I do: from, performance, to: therapeutic applications, to proper body mechanics. Her insight, and ability to work well with all kinds of people, is of profound value, to all who are, or desire to: improve the dance within themselves. I have been studying and working with Ms. Tucker, since 1998! I would highly recommend this training to the serious mover.
-Sunday Homitz, B.F.A.Dance L.P.T, Performance Arts Physical Therapy


I was fortunate enough to be awarded the 2013 Pamela Lyndon Scholarship for the Kista Tucker summer dance workshop. The workshop was challenging mentally, physically, and a whole lot of fun! From the instructors to the students, everyone was very cohesive. Learning dance fundamentals to challenging technique, fun choreography to old time roots based jazz swing dance. I felt as if everyone had something to share as well learn, and the atmosphere of the workshop promoted that. I walked away with a plethora of tools for the toolbox.
>Hope Schultz, Cleveland, Ohio




Registration Form

Download a PDF of the Registration Form



Register and Pay Online--Coming Soon!



Call 585-330-7751 or write Designs@KistaTuckerInsights.org for the most up-to-the-minute details.


Kista Tucker Insights (AKA: Kista Tucker Dance, Inc.)
13594 Rumsey Ct.
Bristow, VA 20136


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